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Kleens-It Contact Cleaner, Aerosol Can lloyds 14.35 CAT337XZ Yes No
1 Strip-It Green Paint & Coating Remover Bottle lloyds 85.35 CAT1698XZ
C$ 85.35

Sold as: Bottle

In Stock
Yes No
2 Fightback™ Graffiti Removers Can lloyds 17.67 CAT349XZ
C$ 17.67

Sold as: Can

In Stock
Yes No
3 Moovit High Performance Lubricant, Aerosol Can lloyds 16.63 CAT315XZ Yes No
4 Moovit High Performance Lubricant, Jug lloyds 67.77 CAT315XZ Yes No
5 Moovit High Performance Lubricant, Trigger Bottle lloyds 16.94 CAT315XZ Yes No
6 Moovit High Performance Lubricant, Aerosol Can/Trigger Bottle lloyds 14.35 CAT315XZ Yes No
7 Loobit Multi Lubricant & Wire Rope Dressing, Aerosol Can lloyds 19.75 CAT312XZ Yes No
8 Kleens-It Non-Flammable Brake Cleaner, Aerosol Can lloyds 9.29 CAT316XZ Yes No
9 Air Tool Oil lloyds 72.74 CAT317XZ

Air Tool Oil

Part# 62004
C$ 72.74 In Stock
Yes No
10 Air Motor Oil lloyds 8.25 CAT317XZ

Air Motor Oil

Part# 62008
C$ 8.25 In Stock
Yes No
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