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CoolPAK™ Nonchlorinated Straight Cutting Oil, Pail master-fluid-solutions 275 CAT323XZ Yes No
1 CoolPAK™ Corrosion Inhibitor, Pail master-fluid-solutions 396.17 CAT302XZ Yes No
2 CoolPAK™ Heavy-Duty Semisynthetic, Drum master-fluid-solutions 3547.56 CAT323XZ Yes No
3 TRIM® E206 Long-Life Emulsion Coolant, Pail master-fluid-solutions 468.72 CAT323XZ Yes No
4 TRIM® MIST Synthetic Misting Coolant, Jug master-fluid-solutions 81.35 CAT323XZ Yes No
5 TRIM® MIST Synthetic Misting Coolant, Pail master-fluid-solutions 365.72 CAT323XZ Yes No
6 TRIM® Microsol® 585XT Semi-Synthetic Coolant, Jug master-fluid-solutions 100.17 CAT323XZ Yes No
7 TRIM® Microsol® 585XT Semi-Synthetic Coolant, Pail master-fluid-solutions 459.27 CAT323XZ Yes No
8 TRIM® SC520 Semi-Synthetic Coolant, Jug master-fluid-solutions 79.37 CAT323XZ Yes No
9 TRIM® SC520 Semi-Synthetic Coolant, Pail master-fluid-solutions 355.32 CAT323XZ Yes No
10 TRIM® TAP HEAVY Tapping Fluid, Jug master-fluid-solutions 127.53 CAT323XZ Yes No
11 TRIM® TAP NC Tapping Fluid, Bottle master-fluid-solutions 40.64 CAT323XZ Yes No
12 STAGES™ Task2™ All-Purpose Cleaner, Bottle master-fluid-solutions 21.63 CAT301XZ Yes No
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